Burn Outreach

In 2001, when I was 16, my father Jerry Tedder and I survived a plane crash in the mountains near Aspen, Colorado. We endured severe burns to 35% of our bodies., where we each spent around 3 months in UNC-Chapel Hill’s NC Jaycee Burn Center. I underwent 12 skin graft surgeries, rigorous physical and occupational therapies relearning to walk, talk, feed himself, dress himself, bathe, etc. After the hospital, I went back to high school in Rocky Mount, NC where I did a year and a half more physical therapy. Since graduating from The University of North Carolina in 2007, I have been an active volunteer with the NC Jaycee Burn Center and the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. I am a SOAR (Survivor’s offering Assistance in Recovery) certified volunteer with the Phoenix Society. I have given talks to numerous nursing school programs around the state; participated in school re-entries for children with recent burns; spoken and been a panelist at regional burn survivor reunions; participated in panels and facilitated workshops at the Phoenix Society’s (annual) World Burn Congress; and have regularly visited patients and their families in intensive care and aftercare at the NC Jaycee Burn Center. I am extremely fortunate to be on the “other side” of such a horrible injury, but ask any survivor and they will tell you that healing can last a lifetime.

The Blake Tedder Burn Prevention & Therapy Endowment
a member of The NC Community Foundation
This fund supports fire education, prevention, and safety programs and donates to families of patients in recovery of burns — with an emphasis on Pitt County and the Rocky Mount (Nash County) area.

NCCFwinter2002 (read about it on pg 5)

*contact me here if you know of a survivor, patient, or family of a survivor and patient from Eastern NC who would benefit from monetary support in the healing process or for fire education/prevention programs that need sponsorship.

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Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

PS’s SOAR Program

North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center